South Moravian Police Call For Pedestrians To Follow Road Safety Regulations

According to South Moravia Police Department, lives could be saved if pedestrians take more care to follow road safety rules designed for their protection. Photo: TD / Brno Daily.

Brno, Jan 7 (BD) – From this week, South Moravia Police Department will begin a crackdown on pedestrians observed ignoring road safety rules, such as not crossing roads when the red light is visible. According to police spokesman David Chaloupka: “Many pedestrians do not realize that they are a part of road traffic and must follow its rules. Like others, they can be fined for violating them. What is not allowed for most drivers, pedestrians do quite often, such as going through a stop sign, ie. a red traffic light. Even the presence of a policeman often will not deter them.”

The police also recommend that pedestrians wear reflective clothing to stay safe in the dark conditions of January, as visibility is essential for road safety. “There are still some pedestrians who have not been seen, and paid for it with their lives,” said Chaloupka. “The last incident was a man who died under the wheels of a vehicle on Jihlavská just a few days after Christmas. Maybe if the driver had seen him earlier, it would not have happened,” he added.

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