Traffic Restrictions To Begin On Thursday on Poříčí, Replacement of Pipes Will Restrict Traffic Until March At Least

Construction work to exchange heating pipes will limit the traffic on Poříčí. Steam pipes will be replaced with more ecological hot water pipes, which will reduce the consumption of natural gas by 14.3 million cubic meters per year. Map:

Brno, Jan 18 (BD) – Starting Thursday January 16th, traffic on Poříčí will be restricted for approximately 25 meters at the intersection of Poříčí and Náplavka, in the direction from Vídeňská towards Renneská. Traffic in the opposite direction will be unaffected. “Drivers will have to prepare for the closure of two lanes, but there will always be at least one lane in both directions open,” said Renata Diatková of the Brno Heating Company.

More construction work is scheduled to start in March at the same location; the Road and Motorway Directorate is planning a renovation of the train tracks, and Brno Waterworks and Sewerage System are upgrading the sewers.

Brno started to modernize the city’s pipeline system ten years ago, and has managed to build around seven kilometers of pipes every year. The hot water pipes should cover the entire city by 2023. “Every single kilometer of pipes exchanged means a reduction of CO2 emissions by 336 tons. The total impact of the hot water pipes is equal to removing 10,000 cars from the city,” added Diatková.

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