Eleven Cars Attacked In Kralovo Pole in One-man Tyre-Puncturing Spree

An unknown vandal went on a tyre-puncturing rampage on Hutařova in Kralovo Pole on Sunday evening, damaging eleven cars that were incorrectly parked. Police are asking the public for information. Photos: Police CR.

Brno, Jan 21 (BD) – The unknown vandal began his rampage on Sunday evening on Hutařova on Kralovo Pole, apparently infuriated by the many cars parked irresponsibly on the snow-covered greenery of the city. With a sharp object, the man started puncturing tyres on the cars, mainly front tyres, despite the presence of witnesses. He caused damage to eleven cars in total before escaping into the streets of Brno before the witnesses were able to contact the police. The case is being investigated by police officers from the Brno-Královo Pole district, on suspicion of damage to a foreign object. The damage was estimated by the drivers to be just under CZK 20,000. 

Police are appealing to the public for help: “Because the police do not know the name of the vandal, we welcome any information on him, and we are therefore asking the general public for help identifying him. The offender is 30 to 40 years old, and about 180 cm. In case of any information, you can contact Brno Police on 974 624 776,” said police spokesman Petr Vala.

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