Latest Edition Of Kam V Brně/Where In Brno Out Now!

Brno, February 9 (BD) – What to do in Brno during the grey winter months? The cultural magazine KAM v Brně [“WHERE in Brno”], which has an English section at the end, will give you the best tips about what to do in February in this beautiful city of ours, and show you that there are lots of fun activities that don’t require nice weather!

The front cover of this month’s edition was created by a collective of designers, and features Zvonařka central bus station. You may want to keep that cover, because a few months from now Zvonařka will look totally different.

Into cinema, sports or music? In KAM you will find all of this, plus a map of all of Brno’s sights, galleries, theatres, churches, and information points. The back pages of KAM contain programs for the cinemas, clubs and museums as well, so you will always have all the information you need to keep yourself entertained in Brno.

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