Brno Man in Pajamas Vandalizes Cars in Husovice

Yesterday afternoon, a man was found smashing in windshields in his pajamas. Photo credit: Brno Municipal Police

Brno, Feb 18 (BD) – “Yesterday afternoon in Husovice, officers checked the report of an older man in pajamas who was smashing car windshields with a hammer. The report was confirmed,” said spokesman of Brno Municipal Police Jakub Ghanem.

After the strange report was called in, Brno City Police officers searched the block for a man with the unusual but easy-to-find description. When their search ended successfully, the man in pajamas admitted having mental problems, and explaining he had had an urge to smash in the windshields, stated the Municipal Police of Brno. He was then handed over to the State Police.

Smashed-in windshield. Photo credit: Brno Municipal Police

At least two windshields were damaged in the incident.

Prepared by Tessa Adamson

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