A lonely dog terrier is faithfully waiting for the owner at the door on the street. Pets concept.

Alert Citizen Rescues Forgotten Dog

On Wednesday evening, an alert passer-by noticed that a dog tied up outside a store in Zabovresky had been there for several hours… Photo: For illustrative purposes / Freepik.

Brno, Feb 21 (BD) – “After unsuccessfully trying to locate the dog’s owner, the man contacted the police through the emergency line 165, who arrived with an animal control officer. Using a chip reader, they were able to find the dog’s owner. Further investigation revealed that the owner, a 40-year old man, had forgotten to collect his dog after shopping, and left alone,” said Brno police spokesman Pavel Svab.

The police were able to notify the owner’s girlfriend, who came to pick up the dog. The case is now being dealt with by the officer responsible for the local area.

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