Czechs More Likely to Complete Upper Secondary Education than European Average

The proportion of Czech citizens aged 24-64 educated to at least upper secondary level is significantly higher than the European average. For most Czechs that is also the highest level of education they will attain, but greatly raises an individual’s chance of employment. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Czech Rep., Feb 25 (BD) – Compared to other European countries, the Czech Republic has a remarkably high upper secondary education graduation rate of almost 94%, compared to the European average of less than 80%, according to data published by Eurostat.

The upper secondary level is also the highest level of education most Czechs will attain, with almost 70% of adults educated to upper secondary level and not further.

Data by Eurostat, 2019

The upper secondary level is mostly defined by the fact that it is post-compulsory, and involves preparations to enter the workforce (usually age of 15-18).

Looking at employment figures, continuing to upper secondary education is a logical choice. According to the OECD, employment rates are considerably lower for Czechs who finish their education at the end of compulsory education: only 41%, compared to 73% among those with upper secondary education.

In the European Union, Portugal and Spain have a particularly low proportion of citizens that have completed their upper secondary education: only around half in Portugal, and around 60% in Spain.

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