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Brno, March 5 (BD) – Spring is slowly coming, and the new edition of the cultural magazine KAM v Brně [WHERE in Brno], with a dedicated English section at the back, will give you the best tips for what to do in March in this beautiful city of ours.

If you are looking for some interesting sightseeing opportunities, we recommend a long walk in Černá Pole. This district has a remarkable history and a lot of buildings worth visiting. You can find an extensive article about the area with many photos in KAM.

Interested in cinema, sports or music? In KAM you will find interesting coverage of all of these, plus a map with the best sights, galleries, theatres, churches and information points. At the back of the magazine there are also full listings for all the cinemas, clubs and museums in the city, so you will always know how to find something fun to do in Brno.

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