Charity Bazaar This Weekend Will Raise Money For Shelter Animals

From March 6th until March 8th, a charity bazaar will take place at Industra. The proceeds of the event will go directly to Utulek Tibet (Shelter Tibet), a small privately-owned family shelter that houses almost 150 animals, most of which are homeless cats and handicapped or sick dogs. Photo credit: Utulek Tibet.

Brno, Mar 5 (BD) – The bazaar starts on Friday at 6pm, with lots of items available to buy, including clothing, handbags, shoes, belts, scarves, hats, toys, supplies for your furry friends, books, paintings, houseware, glass, porcelain, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, calendars, Tibetan gifts, memory card games, gift certificates, and anything else you can think of – you can find it all at the bazaar. Everything will be on sale at great prices, and on Sundays they will even sell everything for CZK 1, with a minimum purchase of CZK 100.

Shelter Tibet is a small, private, family-owned, non-profit shelter in Bucovice for cats, handicapped dogs, and other small animals in need, as well as a mini farm sanctuary. In total, almost 150 animals are housed and looked after by the centre. As well as dozens of cats and 13 dogs, three of which are in wheelchairs, there’s also a calf, Zuzanka, a 350kg pig named Sidik, two fully-grown mini-pigs, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheeps and hens rescued from farms. Because of this, the shelter has also been called: “Noah’s Ark at Bucovice.” The shelter is run by the Blaseks, Betka and Marek, and relies completely on charitable donations from individuals and businesses, and the proceeds of charity events such as the bazaar.

The average monthly cost of the shelter is around CZK 170,000, as the costs of taking care of sick and handicapped animals quickly stack up. If you want to make a contribution, the shelter accepts both financial and material contributions, or you could donate your time by walking the dogs or cleaning up while cuddling the cats. For those who are looking for a new pet, the biggest help to the animals would be to provide a permanent home. There’s a photo gallery available on Facebook and their website, or you can visit your prospective pet at the shelter every last Saturday of the month after 2pm.

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