Brno To Invest In Pedestrian and Cycling Lanes In South-East of the City

Brno councillors have approved an investment plan for the construction of two new sections of pedestrian and cycling lanes, as part of a larger plan to connect cycle routes in the south-eastern part of the city with the centre. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Mar 8 (BD) – On Wednesday, March 4th, Brno councillors approved an investment plan for the construction of two sections of pedestrian and cycling lanes. The planned routes will connect Pod Sidlistem with Podstranska, and Olomoucka with Nezamyslova. The investment is part of the construction of core cycling routes leading to the south-eastern part of the city.

The core cycling routes are intended to connect Slapanice, via Slatina, and Pozorice, via Lisen, with the city centre. The route of bicycle traffic to Brno-Slatina is currently designated by horizontal markings in the stretch of Olomoucka at the crossing with Ostravska. “In particular, the volume of car traffic and the deteriorating safety when crossing the intersection are making it difficult for cyclists to travel safely and comfortably. Their safety is crucial to us,” commented Brno Mayor Marketa Vankova.

The proposed new route connecting Pod Sidlistem and Podstranska is estimated to be approximately 830 metres long. The route will start at the eastern end of Pod Sidlistem, cross the tram line and run along its southern edge towards Podstranska. The approximate cost of the new route is CZK 7.7 million.

The second project will be a route starting from Zivotskeho bus stop, running along Olomoucka and Ostravska, to Nezamyslova. The total length of this route is estimated at 600 metres, and the cost around CZK 7.5 million.

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