Huge Public Interest In Large-Scale Coronavirus Testing In Brno

On the first day of the large-scale public testing, hundreds of people came to the testing tents at Moravské náměstí and Brno University Hospital. Title photo: Testing at Brno University Hospital in Bohunice. Credit: FN Brno.

Brno, Apr 23 (BD) – The first citizens interested in getting tested were already waiting in line by 7am this morning in Moravské náměstí. From the morning, military police officers ensured order and the observance of social distancing rules in the vicinity of the tent, and Brno City Police also arrived later to help.

Medics went along the queues of those waiting, measuring their temperatures and asking them to fill out questionnaires. Participants must not display any symptoms associated with Covid-19 or have previously been diagnosed with Covid-19. They are then tested at one of eleven testing stations inside the tent.

Blood samples are taken from each person to check for the presence of antibodies against coronavirus. The results of the so-called rapid tests are ready after about 20 minutes; if their test is positive, they will undergo a throat swab test.

The two testing tents are located on Moravské náměstí and in the car park between Brno University Hospital (FN Brno) and the university campus in Bohunice, and are open from 8am to 6pm, with the hours between 8am and 10am reserved for senior citizens over 60. Read more in our previous article “Two Public Coronavirus Testing Tents To Open In Brno on Thursday”.

According to the latest information from FN Brno, the testing in Brno will continue through the weekend until the end of April.

The two testing tents are located on Moravské náměstí and in the car park between Brno University Hospital and the university campus in Bohunice. Photo credit: Armada CR via Twitter.

The goal of the large-scale testing is to obtain data on the percentage of those infected who do not show any symptoms, among the general public and in selected age groups. The results should serve as a basis for future political decisions.

In the coming days, the organizers of the study expect to test a total of 5,000 people in Brno: 1,000 people aged 8-17; 1,500 aged 18-39; 1,500 aged 40-59; and 1,000 aged 60-89. The total number of tests that will be carried out across the whole country is estimated at 25,000-27,000.

The exact number of tests carried out today will be announced later this evening.

Line for testing in Bohunice on Thursday. Photo credit: FN Brno.

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