Are you tired of sitting at home? Explore the Brno area with the car rental app HoppyGo.

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the trees are full of blossoms. Nature is coming to life and it’s high time to take advantage of it. HoppyGo Car rental can easily help you discover unique natural areas near Brno. Title photo: HoppyGo.

In the HoppyGo app, you can rent from more than 150 cars directly from owners in Brno. Why not easily rent a car in your neighborhood for an attractive price with no paper contracts and hit the road this weekend? HoppyGo offers a wide range of car types for any occasion, particularly trips to the beautiful nature of the Moravian region. Go ahead and draw some inspiration for an adventure from the following list:

Experience the medieval times around Chriby hills

Photo by Mercy from Wikimedia Commons. Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0.

This mountain chain covers almost 340 square kilometers, so it is certainly worth exploring repeatedly without getting tired of the view. The landscape is full of streams, natural springs, cliffs and forests that appear as though taken out of a fairytale. This is even more enhanced by medieval castles and ruins such as Buchlov or Cimburk.

Cycle around the Dalešice Dam

Photo by Aleš Pouchlý / CC BY-SA.

The surroundings of the Dalešice dam will satisfy not only those who prefer to cycle but also the people who like to enjoy the nature on foot. The dam offers a sanctuary for endangered birds such as storks, herons, and eagles.

Tip: if you are going with a bike, you can use the Roof rack filter within HoppyGo.

Get amazed by the Trenck Ravin

Photo by I.Sáček, senior / CC0.

This ravine is rumored to have been a hiding spot for the baron Franz von der Trenck who allegedly found a shelter there after Maria Theresa issued his arrest warrant. The ravine itself offers an amazing view of small waterfalls thanks to the flowing stream and large boulders. You will be astonished by their grandeur.

Explore the Ždánice Forest

Photo by Martinnn / CC BY-SA.

This natural park covers 68 square kilometers and its deep-green trees hide not only a beautiful corner of the Bohemian nature, but also Czech national heritage. The settlement Mezilesice, ruin of the Kepkov castle, or the recreation centre Palánek just to name a few of them. Ždánice forest is the ideal place to combine a beautiful trip to the nature with your love for history.

Go birdwatching at Choryn ponds

Photo by Gianclaudio Marino / CC BY-SA.

You can find a complex system of ponds consisting of Křivoš, Záviš, and Magdaléna ponds by the city of Hustopece nad Becvou. They serve primarily for fish breeding but over time have become the home of many water birds. You can plan your trip around watching birds such as wild ducks, gray herons, black-headed gulls, and even great cormorants.

A volcano? A mountain? Kvetnice hill!

Photo by Coeli / Public domain

The Květnice hill is a significant sight in the Tišnov region and a favorite leisure time destination. Thanks to its peculiar shape, it was considered a volcano for a long time. The uphill trail is a fairly easy hike, so it is suitable for kids and pets as well.

Whether you are looking for some peace of mind in the nature or planning a short family trip, HoppyGo can offer you a hand when choosing the right transport. Find more than 80 different car models for just about any occasion at

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