Number of New Confirmed Cases of Covid-19 Lowest Since Mid-March

On Monday only 41 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were reported in the Czech Republic, out of 7,667 tests carried out. This is the lowest number since at least March 13th. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

Czech Rep., Apr 28 (BD) – Judging by the latest figures from the Ministry of Health, Easter did not have the effect on the spread of coronavirus that some were expecting; Monday saw just 41 new confirmed cases, the lowest since March 13th. This figure has been steadily declining since a peak of 373 new cases on March 27th, and there have been fewer than 100 per day since last Wednesday. The total number of confirmed cases is 7,449.

The figures contradict the bleak warnings from those, including Interior Minister Jan Hamacek, who predicted a sharp increase in the number of new cases following Easter weekend, which many Czechs spent on trips or visiting loved ones. Hamacek declared darkly that Czechs “would be remembering Easter from the Intensive Care Unit.”

On the basis of the improving epidemiological outlook, experts have called for the government to reopen the Czech economy, and on Thursday last week the figures were used to justify moving the schedule for opening shops and services forward.

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