First Stage of Stará Ponávka Revitalization Project Completed

Over the last year, the first upgrades have been carried out on the bank of Stará Ponávka, creating a park area of ​​approximately 1.45 hectares next to the housing estate in Komárov, providing residents with access to the river. Photos: MMB.

Brno, May 18 (BD) – The upgrade of the area next to the housing estate is the first phase in the planned revitalization of an almost four kilometre stretch of Stará Ponávka. A new park with many trees has been created on Kalová, on the site of a disused car park and dog park, including access to the river and a pier. During the work, trees along the stream were preserved as much as possible, and supplemented by other trees, shrubs and herbs. The new trail is for use by pedestrians and cyclists.

Photo: MMB.

The first phase of work, which cost CZK 20.25 million, began in January 2019 and ended in December. The river was modified to a more natural form, and three footbridges were constructed, connecting the nearby housing estate with the Svatopetrská commercial area. A concrete path and other threshing paths were built along the course, and combined with stone paving. New outdoor furniture was installed, including wooden deckchairs placed around the perimeter of the central meadow.

Photo: MMB.

The entire construction, managed by Green Public Spaces of the City of Brno, was coordinated with the modifications to neighboring land carried out by a private investor.

Photo: MMB.

The first phase should be followed by two further phases, connecting the new park with the River Svratka. The estimated total cost is approximately CZK 20 million. Further information about the Stará Ponávka vitalization project can be found here.

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