Photo credit: Police, South Moravia.

Home-Made Bomb Explodes In Man’s Bag At Brno Tram Stop

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A home-made explosive that a 61-year-old man was carrying in a bag exploded at around 10am on Friday, at the tram stop in Stará Osada in Brno. The man was taken to hospital with a serious hand injury, no one else was injured. Police are now investigating the details of the case. Photo: Police SM.

Brno, May 22 (BD) – “The senior ended up with injuries in the care of surgeons in the hospital. It was fortunate that nobody else was injured in such a busy place. The scene of the incident between the tram islands was closed to pedestrians. Traffic in an important public transport hub was not disrupted,” said South Moravian Police Department spokesman Bohumil Malášek.

Photo credit: Police, South Moravia.

“According to our information, the man suffered a devastating hand injury. Apparently, a home-made device exploded in his bag. We are investigating exactly what kind of explosive substance it was, how it was made and where it came from,” added Malášek.

Chemicals were found in the apartment of the man on Friday afternoon. Seven people were evacuated from the apartment building. The chemicals were removed in order to be processed by police experts.

Photo credit: Police, South Moravia.

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