Photo of man in protective medical mask and rubber gloves to prevent coronavirus, poses in supermarket, holds glass bottle of alcoholic drink, reads label, makes shopping during quarantine time

Special Store Opening Hours for Senior Citizens To End From Tuesday

The special hours reserved for senior shopping, brought in to curb the spread of coronavirus among the most vulnerable group, are ending, following a decision taken at Monday’s cabinet meeting. Photo: Freepik.

Czech Rep., May 25 (BD) – For the past few weeks, senior citizens over the age of 65 have had dedicated time between 8am and 10am in food stores and drugstores. According to an announcement from Minister of Industry Karel Havlíček (ANO) earlier today, these measures will no longer apply from Tuesday, May 26th.

The dedicated shopping hours for senior citizens were announced in mid-March. The regulations were subsequently amended several times as the government tried to find the most appropriate time for the measure.

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