Janáček Brno 2020 is Set to Go Ahead As Planned this Autumn

The annual Janáček Brno festival will go ahead as scheduled this year, from September 28th to October 16th. Despite the pandemic, only minimal changes have been made to the program announced last December. Photo credit: Marek Olbrzymek.

Brno, May 29 (BD) – Janáček Brno 2020, the 7th edition of the festival, is scheduled from September 28th to October 16th. The program was announced last December, and although some changes have had to be made, the festival is set to go ahead. Over nearly three weeks, the festival will present opera productions, a concert series, and renowned performers such as Robert Carsen, Jakub Hrůša, Karita Mattila, Pavol Brešlík, the Pavel Haas Quartet, the Bamberger Symphoniker and others. 

“During its existence, the Janáček Brno festival has won its status as one of the most important events in the Brno cultural calendar. Thanks to the festival, Brno has gained a worldwide reputation as ‘the city of Janáček’. Although the festival will probably still be affected by the pandemic, it is important that it takes place this year,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková.

Pavel Haas Quartet at Janáček 2018. Photo credit: Marek Olbrzymek.

Despite the difficult situation, only minimal changes have been made to the program announced last December. The premieres of two productions which were to be presented at the autumn festival will not take place: Her Stepdaughter by the Bremen Theater, directed by Armin Petras, and Her Stepdaughter by Clause Guth, performed by the London Royal Opera Covent Garden. The two productions will be replaced by a production of The Adventures of the Cunning Fox, directed by Linda Keprtová with musical production by Martin Doubravský, which will be presented at the festival by the F. X. Šalda Theater Liberec, and a Brno production of Her Stepdaughter directed by Martin Glaser under the baton of chief conductor Marko Ivanović. Additionally, the program has been expanded to include another premiere from the ensemble of Janáček’s opera NdB.

The final change in the program concerns a concert in the basilica in Old Brno, where on October 11th, Janáček’s Glagolitic Mass and the Eternal Gospel will be performed instead of the Janáček Opera Orchestra of the NdB Filharmonie Brno.

For current information about the festival, and to buy tickets online, visit www.janacek-brno.cz.

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