‘Summer Oasis’ To Be Created in Brno City Centre With Open-Air Concerts and Relaxation Zones

In order to revive the city centre and attract both tourists and residents, Brno City Council is planning to turn the city centre into a ‘Summer Oasis’, creating relaxation zones in several city squares, as well as an expansion of the annual UPROSTŘED festival, which will again be held in the city centre this year. Photo credit: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Jun 16 (BD) – The City Council has planned two projects to revive the centre of Brno, making it more pleasant and attractive for both residents and tourists, while simultaneously supporting local businesses and music clubs. One is the so-called ‘Summer Oasis’ to be created in the city centre, while the other is the annual UPROSTŘED festival. The two projects will cost an estimated CZK 4 million.

In cooperation with city companies, the city will place flowers, potted trees, lighting, shading, and sprinkler systems around the city center, among other improvements. “The zones will be freely accessible to the public and can be used to relax and spend time with friends. In addition, with a rich cultural outdoor program, we will be encouraging people to spend their free time in the city center and thus also support local businesses,” explained Marek Fiser, Council Member for Culture.

The zones will be located in Moravske namesti (the park and the area near the statue of Jost), Zelny trh, Rimske namesti, Dominikanske namesti, Malinovskeho namesti (near the light bulbs) and namesti Svobody. The precise location and form of the zones will be specified at a later date.

The UPROSTŘED festival, a joint project of Kávéeska (KVS) and TIC BRNO, will also take place in the centre this year. The festival brings the city’s public spaces to life every summer, and this year will run from June 19th to September 9th.

“The festival is based on the principle of bringing cultural events to the public space of the city, especially musical, but also theatrical, dance and site-specific productions. As part of steps we are taking to increase the attractiveness of Brno as a destination, measures to support the cultural sector, and the special emphasis on reviving the center in the current post-COVID circumstances, we are planning to hold the festival on a much larger scale, with the involvement of music clubs in the programme,” said Fiser. The festival project will involve around 10 Brno music clubs and stages.

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