Contactless Payment Operational On Brno Public Transport From July 1st

The payment system is easy to use, and optimized to automatically choose the best option for the passenger. Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, June 18 (BD) – The plan to launch contactless payments on Brno public transport was announced as long ago as last July, and now the moment has finally arrived. From July 1st, contactless payments will be rolled out on all trams, buses, and trolleybuses operated by the Brno Public Transport Company (DPMB). 

The scheme is called “Beep and Go” [“Pípni a jed’”]. Photo credit: CG.

How It Works

The scheme, known as “Beep and Go” [“Pípni a jed’”], is very simple, involving only three basic steps:

Step one: Get on board. DPMB recommend taking your card out before you board to prevent queues.

Step two: Check in by “beeping” your card on the validator. You should do this for every journey, even if you are transferring, to make sure the system charges you the correct amount.

Step three: Enjoy your ride! 

If your journey is less than 15 minutes, there is one more step:

Step four: Check out by beeping again. This ensures that you will pay the short-journey fare, which is five crowns cheaper.

Photo credit: CG.

What You Pay

The new electronic system is optimized to automatically choose the best option for the passenger:

  • Beeping in, your card will be charged the basic rate of CZK 25. If you beep out before 15 minutes, you will be charged the short-journey fare of CZK 20. 
  • If you make multiple short journeys within one hour, the system will not charge you for multiple tickets, but rather a basic one-hour ticket for CZK 25. This ticket is valid until you disembark from the last journey of the hour, even if your total travel time is over 60 minutes.
  • If you make several journeys in a day, your payment is capped at CZK 90, the price of a one-day pass. For this reason, the payment will be taken from your account after the day of travel is over. 

The above fares apply only in zones 100 and 101. The on-board validators also allow passengers to view their journey history, and check the remaining validity on travelcards and season tickets.

The validators accept Visa and Mastercard (contactless only), as well as GooglePay and ApplePay. Vankova added that payments can also be made with BrnoID cards, and it will also still be possible to use paper tickets. 

Brno mayor Marketa Vankova introducing the new system. Photo credit: CG.

According to DPMB director Miloš Havránek, speaking at a press conference on June 17th, the scheme is funded by DPMB, the City of Brno, and EU subsidies. Announcing the scheme last year, Havránek said that: “The possibility of on-board contactless purchase of tickets is another important step forward in the modernization of Brno’s public transport. Travelling will become even easier for our customers, and I am sure they will appreciate this innovation.”

You can find out more information about how the new payment system will work here.

DPMB director Miloš Havránek. Photo credit: CG.
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