In Pictures: Architectural Competition For New Development At Zluty Kopec Concludes

An urbanist competition set up by the Brno-Stred district, on how to further develop Zluty Kopec and the area surrounding it, has concluded. The winning proposal includes improved accessibility by road and pedestrian routes, as well as a new park to improve greenery. Image by EA Architekti.

Brno, Jun 22 (BD) – In September 2019, the Brno-stred district announced a single-phase project competition for the future development of Zluty Kopec in Staré Brno. The winner has now been announced, and the proposal includes a public park, a new road and walking routes, and the addition of a new brewery in the park.

EA Architekti’s winning proposal. Image by EA Architekti.

Entries for the competition were to examine and propose a concept of land use, meeting certain requirements such as appropriate transport connections and conditional investments. Furthermore, competitors were to propose a suitable and efficient use of land owned by the City of Brno, and consider traffic management in the area.

Six proposals were submitted, which were then assessed by an expert jury, led by architect Jiri Oplatek.

P. P. Architects’ proposal. Images by P. P. Architects.

According to the jury, the winning proposal contains “a reasonable intensity of development, of which the scale follows the context of Zluty Kopec, and appropriately defines the development areas for the Masaryk Institute of Oncology.” Their proposal included a park located on city land that should connect Mendlovo and Vankovo namesti. The proposal also included a road connecting Tvrdeho and Lipova, which would allow for a public transport route. The development is also connected by a number of walking routes to Hlinky, encouraging rejuvenation of the area as well as providing good accessibility.

The winning proposal was submitted by EA Architekti, and was a collaboration between designers Zdenek Eichler and Eva Eichlerova, co-designer Premysl Valovy, and architects Veronika Docekalova, Vojtech Marek, and Vera Handlova. In second and third place respectively were the submissions from P. P. Architects and Žálsky Architekti.

Žálsky Architekti’s proposal. Images by Žálsky Architekti.

“The expert jury agreed unanimously on the winner, which confirms the quality of this proposal,” said Vojtech Mencl (ODS), Mayor of Brno-stred. “In addition, the Brno-stred district has recommended investigating the possibility of increasing development at Hlinky and pedestrian access from Mendlovo namesti west around the brewery complex to the public park.” The jury also recommended other possibilities to be examined, such as having the southern part of the public green space of the new brewery serve as a fully-equipped city park, and the northern part at Vankovo namesti for panoramic views.

The next step will be for both Brno-stred district and the winning architects to finalize the proposal, taking into account both the district’s and the jury’s recommendations. The proposal will then be handed over to the City of Brno, who will conduct a territorial study, which will form the basis for changes to the zoning plan. The district is also preparing an exhibition of all the proposals for public view.

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