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New Municipal App To Help Organize Small Public Events

The new project, “Plug & Play”, was launched by the City of Brno to simplify the administrative requirements of small-scale cultural and community events. The web application identifies suitable locations and offers simpler administration. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Jul 8 (BD) – The City of Brno has launched a new web application called “Plug & Play”, to simplify the organization of small-scale cultural and community events. The tool selects the most suitable locations in the city, summarizes the technical and legal conditions for events and offers simplified issuing of permits, all online. 

“Brno is part of the UNESCO network of creative cities in the field of music thanks to you! Cultural events in public spaces are the salt of this city, and whether it is live performances, birthday parties, student parties or neighborhood celebrations, they bring experiences that will not be forgotten. We are aware that without your events, there would be a real risk of boredom in Brno, so we want to make the preparation of your event easier,” states the Plug & Play website.

The project should allow for easier and more user-friendly planning and running of smaller community, student and neighborhood cultural events, encouraging the use of public space by existing organizers, as well as those who may have previously been discouraged by the bureaucracy. By using Plug & Play, event organizers choose their location from those on offer, and optional additional equipment, select a date on the website’s calendar, fill in the registration form, and send it online to the filing office of the relevant district. This process applies only to smaller musical, theatrical, artistic, creative and cultural non-profit productions in public.

Some of the locations offer basic amenities, such as electrical outlets, public toilets, running water, or a barbecue, listed on the application website. So far, four city districts have joined the project:

– Brno-Center – Pohořelec, Kraví hora, Římské náměstí, Lužánky park

– Žabovřesky – Makovského náměstí, green space in front of the town hall

– Královo Pole – Božetěchův sad

– Brno-North – amphitheater in Čertova rokle

The project is now running a pilot scheme. Based on evaluation of the pilot, other city districts will be invited to participate in the project.

For more information or to organize an event, you can visit the Plug & Play website.

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