Brno Man Finds Old Mine in His Backyard

A man in Brno-Stranice called the police after finding what he assumed was ammunition in the backyard of his family house. Police confirmed that he had located an old artillery mine, and safely removed the mine from the location. Photo credit: Policie CR.

Brno, Jul 9 (BD) – “Yesterday afternoon, a 34-year-old man boasted to the police that he had made an interesting discovery – while digging in the backyard of his family house in Stranice, he discovered a heavy, metal object that reminded him of some sort of ammunition,” said Brno police spokesman David Chaloupka. When the police arrived at the scene, with an explosives expert, they confirmed his assumption and identified the object as an artillery mine.

Photo credit: Policie CR.

In order to excavate and examine the object, a secure area had to be created around the excavation site, and residents of the surrounding properties were urged not to leave their homes. The explosives expert was able to safely remove the mine, and transport it to an uninhabited area, where it was detonated in a controlled manner.

Chaloupka urged the public not to physically engage with similar discoveries, and “definitely not to transport them anywhere. It is always necessary to call a police officer, as improper handling of old ammunition, often in poor condition due to corrosion, can be high-risk.”

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