City of Brno Allocates Funding To Subsidise Green Projects From the Public

Brno residents who want to greenify the courtyards of their apartment buildings or provide ecological education, or who have ideas for enriching Brno’s river waterfronts or reusing rainwater, may be able to get financial support from the City of Brno. Applications can be submitted until October 31st, 2020. Photo credit: MMB.

Brno, Sep 3 (BD) – The City of Brno has allocated funding from its 2021 budget to subsidise ecological projects submitted by the public. This marks the return of a previous ecological subsidy scheme run by the city, and now each year will have a different theme; in 2021, the theme is capturing and managing rainwater in the urban landscape.

Urban landscape showcasing several green roofs in Brno. Photo credit: MMB.

Submissions will be accepted in five subsidy programs, operated by the city’s Motivational Programmes Division: Support for ecological education projects in Brno; Support for revitalization of greenery in courtyards in Brno; Support for actions to revitalize Brno’s river embankments; Support for the creation of green roofs; and Support for the use of rainwater. For the first three programs, applications can be submitted from September 15th until October 31st. The final two programs are already open, but the final deadline has been extended to October 31st due to the coronavirus.

Green roof in Zelný trh, Brno. Photo credit: MMB.

Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL), First Deputy Mayor of Brno, explained the scheme: “During the holidays, we launched the Ready Brno campaign, which calls on Brno residents and companies to help us reduce greenhouse gases and support environmental sustainability. Together, we will prepare our city for climate change. The City of Brno has created the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) and is investing in the replacement of obsolete lighting and public buses. At the same time, we are also contributing to a number of projects by individuals and various companies and organizations, via these eco-subsidies.” 

You can find out more information about the subsidy programs, including how to apply, at the Ekodotace website.

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