City Centre Public Toilets To Remain Open Longer

The parks and squares of Brno city centre are lively with the fine weather, and various events are taking place, as well as picnics and gatherings of friends. New regulations introduced in July allow the consumption of alcohol in certain public places until late at night, and the opening hours of public toilets will now be adjusted accordingly. Photo credit: KK / BD.

Brno, Sep 7 (BD) – Brno’s public toilets will now remain open later into the night. New rules in force in Brno since July 16th, 2020, allow the consumption of alcohol in parks in the Brno-střed district until 10pm, and on Dominikánské, Jakubské and Římské náměstí and Zelní trh until midnight, as well as providing for exemptions to standard restrictions in other locations during authorized public events. In light of this, Brno councillors last week recommended that the assembly approve CZK 150,000 for Brno-střed district to extend the opening hours of the public toilets on Zelní trh, which should now be open from 7am to 10pm.

“The extended opening hours of the toilets on Zelní trh will apply until the end of the year, which is necessary because of the large number of events planned for the centre of Brno. I hope we can also look forward to the Christmas markets, which should attract thousands of Brno residents and tourists. All of them will certainly appreciate these really basic services.” said Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS).

The public toilets in Lužánky Park will also be open for longer, from 6am to 9:45pm each day. These extended opening hours will apply until the end of September, administered by the Brno Public Green Spaces company at no extra cost to the city.

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