Masaryk University Moves To “Yellow” Level of Coronavirus Response

As of Monday, September 21st, Masaryk University will turn “yellow” according to its traffic-light system for responding to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that university buildings will close to the public, computer and indoor sports facilities will close altogether, and classes of more than 50 people will go online. Photo credit: KK / BD.

Brno, Sep 21 (BD) – Today, Masaryk University (MUNI) will move to the “yellow” level of coronavirus measures, following a decision made by the university’s Crisis Board. The decision was taken due to the rapid increase of coronavirus cases across the Czech Republic, which brings a higher level of risk for students and academic staff. 

The new “yellow” classification means that as of today, all MUNI buildings will be closed to the public. Classes for over 50 students will be taught online. The number of people present in research labs will be limited and computer and indoor sports facilities will be closed. It is also now necessary for students and staff to wear masks and keep a distance of two metres from others. Additionally, social events are prohibited in dormitories and staff are advised to work from home or in shifts. 

The development of the university’s traffic-light system began before the summer break, and was applied from the start of September. (Read more about the semafor here: “Masaryk University Launches University Coronavirus Traffic Light”). 

The introduction of the new rules comes as students are arriving in Brno to begin the Autumn semester. Last friday, the Ministry of Health decided that all students in the Czech Republic should wear facemasks during in-person classes and in the common rooms of their university.

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