Dare To Be Captivated by the Serial Killer Festival

The Serial Killer festival will bring nail-biting stories of murder and mystery to the big-screen in Brno, with online access available for the whole Czech Republic. The festival is an international competition of high-quality television and web series. The Goose on a String Theatre will host screenings from September 25-27th. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Brno, Sep 23 (BD) – The Serial Killer Festival will return to Brno for the third year in a row, in spite of the coronavirus pandemic. This year the festival has moved from the cinema to the internet to allow greater flexibility in uncertain times. The latest series will be released on online platforms and the first episodes will premiere in the Goose on a String Theatre (Divadlo Husa na Provázku) in Brno.

The festival celebrates high-quality productions full of drama, comedy and suspense. It connects creators from across Europe and presents their work to the public. The festival pays tribute to quality content and the competition itself is a platform for viewers, academics and professionals to meet and share their enthusiasm for the best of the series

A unique bronze sculpture was created for the festival by Václav Sigurson Kostohryz, who also designed the smallest statue in Brno – the little man sitting on the clock on Česká. The Serial Killer Award depicts a serial killer right after a murder, carrying weapons hidden in the pockets of his coat. He has 13 pockets to symbolize the 13 series. 

Photo: The Serial Killer award by sculptor Václav Sigurson Kostohryz, courtesy of Serial Killer.

What To Expect?

The festival has several sections – including the main competition of Central and Eastern European series, an international panorama of series (especially from Scandinavian countries) and will also focus on comedy drama series from Great Britain. 

Episode screenings will be held for three days at the Goose on a String Theatre from September 25th-27th. The theatre will also host a rich program including interviews, discussion forums and exclusive parties. Overall, audiences can look forward to a long-awaited weekend of gripping suspense, drama and humour. 

The first two episodes of the series will be available online for free from September 22nd-27th on the DAFilms portal. The festival will feature a wide variety of series as well as around 20 sessions with those involved in production. The sessions will be available on TV Digital Days from September 25th until the end of the year. 

For health and safety reasons, capacity is limited. If you are interested in any part of the exciting programme at this year’s Serial Killer Festival, you can find more information on the webpage.

Brno Daily is a media partner of the Serial Killer festival.

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