Serial Killer Festival Showcases Outstanding Series In Brno

The Serial Killer Festival will be hosted at the Goose on a String Theatre from today until Sunday 27th. Gripping drama, comedy, mystery and true-crime series will be screened for free. Photo: A scene from ¨White House Farm¨. Credit: Courtesy of Serial Killer.   

Brno, Sep 25 (BD) – This weekend, the Serial Killer international festival of TV and web series comes to Brno for the third year. The Serial Killer Festival will be screening the first two episodes of each of the series from their selection over three days at the Goose on a String Theatre (Divadlo Husa na Provázku).

The selection of series has been gathered together from countries all across Europe, including Norway, Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Iceland, Russia, Serbia and the Czech Republic. (You can read more details about the event in our previous article: “Dare To Be Captivated by the Serial Killer Festival”).

Series from Great Britain 

Current trends from Great Britain are presented in this section. Established female comedians have stepped up to write comedy dramas of their own, such as Daisy Haggard as Miranda in “Back to Life” and Roisin Conaty as Marcella in “GameFace”. Also from Great Britain, the true-crime series “The Salisbury Poisonings” and “White House Farm” reconstruct two real-crime stories from British history. 

¨GameFace¨- a comedy-drama series from Great Britain. Photo: Courtesy of Serial Killer.

Series from the International Panorama 

In previous years, dark detective stories have been popular, but now the trend in Europe brings new stories in the form of political dramas and thrillers. These series are often set in Scandinavia, such as the Finnish drama “Peacemaker”. However, true crime is still in demand, and the festival will feature several series which highlight the complex nature of social or psychological dramas by retelling true crime events.

A scene frome ¨Peacemaker¨- the political drama series from Finland. Photo: Courtesy of Serial Killer.

Schedule of screenings

At the Goose on a String Theatre (Divadlo Husa na provázku)

Friday 25 September 

12.00 July 22 (NOR, 2020)

14.00 GameFace (GB, 2017)

16.00 White House Farm (GB, 2020)

18.00 Back to life (GB, 2019)

21.00 Sharing Therapy (CZE, 2020)

Saturday 26 September

10.00 Web Series 

11.00 Almost Broke (CZE, 2020)

12.00 Salisbury Poisonings (GB, 2020)

14.00 Peacemaker (FIN, 2020)

16.00 We Got This (SWE, 2020)

18.00 Tuff Money (ROU, 2020)

Sunday 27 September

10.00 A Good Man (RUS, 2020)

12.00 Traitor (EST, 2019)

14.00 The Minister (ISL, 2020)

16.00 Six Empty Seats (RUS, 2020)

18.00 Underneath (SRB, 2020)

The series will be shown with both Czech and English subtitles and can also be watched on DAFilms for free this weekend, and by subscription for the remaining months of this year. This is the first time that DAFilms will distribute series, as they usually focus on films and documentaries, so it is a unique event for Serial Killer. 

You can find more information about the festival on their website.

Brno Daily is a media partner of the Serial Killer festival. 

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