In Brief: Huawei Fails To Win Tender To Build 5G Networks in The Czech Republic

CETIN will build the fifth generation of towers in the Czech Republic in exclusive collaboration with Ericsson. The Chinese company Huawei, although the largest global supplier of this technology, did not win the tender for the project. Photo: MWC 2019 General. Credit: Ericsson via Flickr.  

Czech Rep., OCT 19 (BD) – Huawei has failed to win the tender to collaborate with CETIN in the project to build the fifth generation of towers in the Czech Republic. The towers will be built exclusively with Ericsson. 

CETIN, owned by the international investment group PPF, is the largest telecommunications company in the Czech Republic. Previously, the company has worked in combination with several suppliers, but they have now turned to sole partnership with Ericsson, and decided not to engage with other companies such as Huawei. 

The Chinese Company, Huawei, is the largest supplier of components for 5G networks in the world. Earlier this year, the Chinese tech giant failed to obtain security clearance from the Czech National Security Agency. Although Huawei is one of the world’s leading suppliers of this type of technology, several European countries are deciding whether to continue cooperating with the company. 

Vladimir Mlynar, a member of the PPF Board of Directors, confirmed that Ericsson had won the tender on Monday. 

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