Weather Forecast: A Foggy Week Ahead

After film-like autumn weather on Saturday, meteorologists are expecting fog throughout the rest of the week. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Brno, Nov 9 (BD) – The weather in the Czech Republic this week will be tediously grey. According to weather forecasts, we should prepare for low-level cloud inversions and foggy weather.

It might be partly cloudy or almost clear in the mountains, but unlikely in the lowlands. Freezing mists may occasionally form in the morning and at night.

The foggy weather with deteriorated dispersion conditions will also cause increased concentrations of dust particles, exceeding air pollution limits.

Temperatures in Brno will remain at about 6-9°C during the day and at 3-6°C at nights. “The high pressure area will advance from the Baltics to the southeast and will weaken. The weather inversion will continue. The weakening cold front will arrive from Western Europe to the east on Thursday,” said Peter Hruška from the Brno Meteorological Institute (CHMI Brno).

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