Municipal Institutions Support Social Services in Brno

Since theatres, libraries and concert halls have closed, the Mayor of Brno Marketa Vankova requested volunteer support from municipal institutions to assist during the state of emergency at elderly homes and with other social services in the city or region. Most of the employees who were contacted have become volunteers at elderly homes. Photo: Brno Observatory and Planetarium. Credit: Brno Region.

Brno, Nov 10 (BD) – During the state of emergency in the Czech Republic, the majority of businesses have closed temporarily, including municipal institutions. The employees of these municipal organizations were contacted on behalf of the Mayor of Brno Marketa Vankova, who called for volunteers to help in care homes or other social services maintained by the City of Brno or the South Moravian Region. 

“We sent a request to the city’s theaters, libraries and the philharmonic. Many of them have already been volunteering, some have started since the call was made, all of course only if their normal work is currently suspended and their family and health situation allows. I am glad that these people are not indifferent to the fate of others and are actively helping,” said Council Member for Culture Marek Fiser, who is responsible for most of the institutions that were contacted.

The employees of closed cultural institutions around Brno are helping in many ways. Volunteers offer their support by assisting those in need through the MUNI Helps app, babysitting, distance teaching, donating, or helping with tracing, to name just a few. Volunteers who are not in risk categories or taking care of loved ones can help out in elderly homes. 

“I turned to the employees of municipal institutions for help in this critical situation. Many of them are unable to continue working due to current regulations, and on the other hand, some of those who care for the elderly are on the last of their strength. I would like to thank all those who participated in this volunteer effort and thus contributed to something very important: the protection of those who cannot do without our help,” said Vaňková. 

The majority of volunteers from the municipal institutions chose to help in elderly homes. The volunteers were cultural institutions including:

  • The Center for Experimental Theater
  • The Goose on A String Theatre 
  • Brno National Theater
  • Brno City Theater
  • Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
  • The House of Art
  • Jiri Mahen Library
  • Brno Observatory and Planetarium
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