Drunk Brno Man Replaced At The Wheel By His Drugged Son

On Monday, Brno police dealt with an unusual car accident. The car was first driven by a drunk man. After the accident, his son took control of the vehicle, but was soon also found to be unfit to drive, testing positive for drugs. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Brno, Nov 12 (BD) – “A father and son were travelling by car on Koniklecová. According to a witness, the older of them sat behind the wheel while under the influence. He was not able to drive at all, and damaged another parked car, so his son replaced him after a few meters,” said Brno police spokesman David Chaloupka.

The police managed to find the pair shortly and pulled them over. “As the patrol discovered, even the younger of the men had no place behind the wheel. He tested positive for drugs, and his father had 2.5 promile (per mille) of alcohol in his blood,” added Chaloupka.

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