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More Students To Return To School From Monday As Czech Republic Enters PES Level 4

On Monday, the Czech Republic will move to the fourth level of the PES system, according to the Minister of Health Jan Blatný. November 25th and 30th will see students of certain levels returning to classes, as announced by the Minister of Education, Robert Plaga. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Czech Rep, Nov 19 (BD) – Today, Health Minister Jan Blatný announced that the Czech Republic would move to the fourth level of the Ministry of Health’s PES system as of Monday 23rd. The Minister of Education, Robert Plaga, also announced two important dates for students at various levels to return to school.

The level of measures correspond to the risk score, which has now dropped from 70 points to 62. Following these numbers, the Czech Republic will switch to the fourth level of the “PES” (Protiepidemický Systém) this coming Monday.

Due to Coronavirus, most schools have been closed since mid-October. The first students returned to classes on November 18th. With the move to the fourth level, more students will be allowed to return to classes. Plaga explained that the return of students would be staggered to allow schools time to prepare. 

On Wednesday November 25th, full time classes resume for certain levels. “In less than a week, full-time teaching of the final years of secondary schools and the fourth years of conservatories will resume. It corresponds to the priorities we have declared, with which full-time practical teaching and practical training in groups of up to twenty pupils will return,” said Plaga.

As of November 30th, other students will return on a rotating basis. “Elementary art schools can return to one-on-one lessons from next week in the fourth level of PES, as well as language schools. Limited mode tests will also be possible. The basic measures are masks for the entire period of teaching, frequent ventilation and other hygiene standards,’’ added Plaga.

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