Majestic fallow deer, dama dama, coming out from behind the tree in autumn. Magnificent stag looking to the camera in forest with copy space. Spotted mammal with massive antlers watching in woodland.

Deer Takes Hunter’s Weapon and Hides in the Forest

Last Friday, an older hunter in South Bohemia had the surprise of his life, when a deer took his weapon and ran away. The unusual story made it to the international headlines. Photo credit: Freepik / Stock photo.

Czech Rep., Nov 25 (BD) – His days started as usual. During a hunt in the Horní Planá forest district, an older man lost his 22 Hornet repeating rifle in the forest while hunting. Legally, the loss of a weapon must be reported to the police. Normally, this is nothing unusual; the police just write a report and initiate a search for the lost weapon. But this time was different, as it was a deer that had taken the weapon and escaped.

As a group of hunters was moving through the forest, their dog startled a deer, which got up and ran directly at the hunter. The deer ran past him and ripped the left sleeve of his jacket with his antler. “The rifle, which the hunter had hung on his left arm, fortunately without ammunition or magazine, slid down the deer’s antlers and disappeared along with the deer,” explained Jiří Matzner from the South Bohemian Police Department.

Another hunter saw the deer about a kilometer away from the scene of the incident, with the weapon still slung on his antlers. “The hunters searched the forest, but did not find a weapon. In the end, the hunter had no choice but to report everything to the police,” added Matzner.

The event caught the interest of many local and international media outlets, including Reuters, who reported the story yesterday.

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