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A Quarter of Czechs Report Feeling Dependent on Their Smartphones

Results from a recent study by Nielsen Admosphere show that Czechs spend an average of three hours per day on their smartphones. More than half of Czechs use their smartphones before bed and also when waking up. However, they rarely use their smartphones in the company of others. Photo credit: Freepik / Stock photo. 

Czech Rep., Nov 28 (BD) – Nearly nine out of ten Czechs own a smartphone, and a quarter of them feel dependent on their phones, particularly young people and women. 63% of Czechs do not consider themselves dependent on their phones and 13% did not answer the question.   

The recent study was carried out by Nielsen Admosphere to measure addiction to smartphones in the Czech population. Data was collected online from a sample of 500 respondents from the internet population of the Czech National Panel, who are active users older than 15 years. 

The survey used several indicators to measure dependence on smartphones. The questions analysed how much time the users spend with their phones, how they use their phones in different situations (such as when going to bed or meeting friends) and sharing content online. 

The average time spent using a smartphone per day was just under three hours. Younger users spend four hours on average each day, compared to less than two hours for those over 45. The study found that women tend to spend slightly more time on their smartphones. 

While time may be an important factor, around two thirds of the respondents do not actively monitor the time they spend on their phones. A large number of smartphone users also do not register their use of phones before going to bed or after waking up. More than half of Czechs use their phone immediately before going to sleep and when they wake up. 

While in the company of others, Czechs tend to be quite respectful about the use of their phones. Only 8% actively use their phones in the company of others, while more than half of respondents said they would put down their phones and give full attention to their companions. A third of users admitted to checking their phone only when they receive a notification. 

Smartphones have also made it much easier to share what is going on in our lives. The study showed that users make a distinction between sharing photos with friends and family versus sharing with the general public. 43% of Czechs share photos about their personal lives with the public, while almost three quarters share content with their friends and family.

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