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Czech Republic To Move to Third PES Level on Thursday

At an extraordinary meeting on Sunday, the government decided unanimously to move to the third level of the PES anti-epidemic system, from Thursday, December 3rd. The curfew will be lifted, drinking in public will again be permitted, and all shops will be allowed to open, including on Sundays. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Czech Rep., Nov 30 (BD) – The Czech Republic will switch to the third level of the PES anti-epidemic system as of Thursday, December 3rd, following a unanimous decision by the government on Sunday. The risk score has been stable at 57 points since last Monday. On Sunday, 1,074 new confirmed cases of coronavirus cases were recorded.   

From Thursday, restaurants, shops, services and other establishments will open under restrictions. The curfew will be lifted, and drinking alcohol in public will be allowed again. Shops can open on Sundays and Christmas markets can go ahead.  

Restaurants and Pubs

  • A maximum of four people at one table 
  • Maximum capacity of 50% 
  • Restaurants and pubs must remain shut between 10pm and 6am 
  • Dining areas in shopping centres can operate as take-away only


  • All stores can open, including on Sundays
  • Customers numbers are limited to one per 15 square metres
  • Two metres distance must be kept
  • Staff must wear masks

Sports and Events 

  • 50 people can gather outside
  • 10 people can gather inside 
  • Sports competitions can take place without spectators 
  • Amateur athletes must wear masks indoors
  • Up to 30 people can attend weddings and funerals


  • Accommodation facilities will operate without restrictions
  • Museums and galleries will allow a capacity of 25%
  • Cultural performances are still suspended
  • Libraries can open with maximum one person per 15 square metres
  • Groups of ten are allowed to visit monuments
  • Casinos and betting offices can open at 50% capacity from 6am to 10pm

Christmas Markets

According to Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlíček, ‘‘At level 3, outdoor Christmas markets are still not recommended, but they are not banned. This comes down to the decision of individual municipalities, because we acknowledge that the differences between different regions and cities are large.’’

  • Stalls will be placed four metres apart 
  • Customers cannot consume products at the point of purchase, only at a stand or table.

Further information can be found at https://covid.gov.cz/en/.

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