11 Projects Chosen For Funding From the Participatory Budget

The Dáme na vás (“We Give To You”) initiative offers financial support to local projects to improve the city. The public can propose projects and then vote on which projects they would like to see implemented. After a record number of votes, eleven winning projects have been selected. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Brno, Dec 4 (BD) – The fourth year of the Dáme na vás (“We Give To You”) initiative came to a conclusion this week, and the winning projects to receive funding from the participatory budget have been announced. These 11 projects will be realized at a cost of CZK 30,052,500 from the participatory budget, for which the City of Brno set aside CZK 33 million. 

134 ideas were submitted this year and 65 finalists made it to the public vote held in November. The voting ended at midnight on December 2nd with a record number of votes cast. Initially planned until November 30th, the voting was extended by one day due to a power outage over the weekend.

20,676 citizens of the city of Brno voted this year, 56% more than last year. 

The Winning Projects for 2020:

1. SOS for lakes of the Holedné field!

2. Let’s go to Lužánky Š (v) ANCI young

3. Club rooms for children in Tuřany

4. Bees to Brno

5. DON’T BE ALONE – Women in onco treatment

6. Sports and relaxation forest zone

7. Forest playground for Lesná and Královo Pole

8. Park for Majdalenky

9. Medlánky in motion

10. ZAMILEC – playground and sports ground

11. Řečkovický HRáj

“First of all, I would like to thank everyone who took part in the vote. Watching the development of the final vote was really exciting and the ranking of projects kept changing in the final hours. The record participation is a confirmation of the growing interest and confidence of the people of Brno in the participatory budget, and a reward for the entire implementation team for their many years of hard work,” said Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti).

Further information on the voting results and winning projects can be found on the Dáme na vás website.

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