Weather Report: A Cold and Cloudy Week Ahead

Expect a rainy and cloudy week in the Czech Republic. The temperature will decline over the week and snowfall is expected in more elevated areas of the country, particularly on Thursday. Occasional fog can be expected and freezing temperatures later in the week, which may form ice. Photo credit: KK / BD.

Czech Rep., Dec 7 (BD) – According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, this week will bring rainy and cloudy days in the Czech Republic. On Monday, an undulating cold front will gradually advance through the country to the northeast. Another cold front will affect the weather on Wednesday and Thursday.

A large area of low air pressure will remain over the Czech Republic and the temperature will slowly decline throughout the week. Stronger winds are expected in some areas on Monday, particularly in the mountains in the north, where winds will reach up to 30 m/s. Light variable winds of up to 4 m/s will occur from Tuesday onwards. Cloudy weather is expected in the country for the next two weeks. 

Light rain can be expected on Monday, particularly in the northeast of the country. In the south-west of Bohemia, cloud cover will decrease during the day to almost clear skies and occasional fog in the evening. 

On Tuesday, occasional fog is expected at night and in the morning. Rain or showers may occur in the evening, and precipitation above 700m will be mixed or snow.  

On Wednesday, rain or showers will fall in some places and will move later from the southwest to cover most of the territory. Snow can be expected in areas above 1000m, in the southwest above 700m and in the evening in areas over 400m in the west and northwest.

Thursday will see occasional rain or showers in most areas and snowfall in areas above 700m, as well as later on in the west of Bohemia in areas above 400m. The lowest night temperatures will be +3 to -1 ° C with ice forming occasionally.

Friday will see light rain or showers and snowfall in areas over 600m. The lowest night temperatures will be +2 to -2° C with the occasional formation of ice. 

Over the weekend, the weather will be cloudy to partly cloudy with occasional fog and possibly freezing conditions. Rain or showers will form mostly in higher snowfall positions. During the day the temperatures will range between 1 to 6 ° C and at night between +2 to -3 ° C.

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