Restaurants To Close By 8pm, Consumption of Alcohol in Public Prohibited

Due to the recent upward trend in the PES risk score, the government has reintroduced stricter measures from Wednesday, December 9th. Catering establishments must close by 8pm. The consumption of alcohol in public and sale of alcohol at markets and from dispensing windows outside restaurants. Photo credit: KK / BD.

Czech Rep., Dec 8 (BD) – The deterioration of the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic was discussed in a government meeting on Monday. The government discussed an extension of the state of emergency and the implementation of stricter rules, instead of an immediate move back to the fourth level of the PES system. 

The government decided to extend the state of emergency by a further 30 days, to January 11th. The request will be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies for approval. 

From Wednesday, December 9th, the consumption of alcohol in public will be banned, as well as the sale of alcohol at markets and dispensing windows outside restaurants. Restaurants, clubs, bars and similar establishments, including dispensing windows, must not be open after 8pm. 

From Thursday, December 10th, medics will end their work duties in medical facilities and hygiene stations.

The Ministry of Health also presented the vaccination strategy to the government, based on the current knowledge of vaccines against Covid-19.

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