Three Public Figures May Be Fined CZK 3,000 For Not Wearing Masks in Public

Former President Václav Klaus, Health Minister Roman Prymula, and ANO politician Jaroslav Faltýnek, were all seen without masks in public. These breaches of the government regulations to control the spread of coronavirus may each result in a fine of CZK 3,000. The fine will be decided by the Prague Hygiene Office in the next few days. Photo: Former Minister of Health Roman Prymula, October 8th. Credit: Vlada Archive. 

Czech Rep., Dec 8 (BD) – According to Czech Television, the Prague Hygiene Office will come to a decision in the next few days regarding the cases of former president Václav Klaus, former Minister of Health Roman Prymula and ANO Chairman Jaroslav Faltýnek, who were seen without their masks in public. 

During the national celebrations at Národní třída on November 17th this year, Klaus was seen in public without a mask to cover his nose and mouth. The police stated on Twitter that several people arrived at Národní třída without masks that day, including a public figure. At the time, the police said that they would report the possible misdemeanor to the administrative body.   

Prymula and Faltýnek face the same sanction for visiting a restaurant in Prague on October 21st and leaving without their masks. Prymula told Czech Television that he would not appeal against the ruling. Faltýnek stated that in the event of a fine, he would ask the Chamber of Deputies to refer him for administrative proceedings.  

It was as a result of this meeting that Prymula resigned as Minister of Health, as Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) called on him to step down after he was photographed leaving the restaurant without a mask.

On December 7th, the Ministry of Health wrote on Twitter that ‘‘From March 1st to November 30th, the regional hygiene offices initiated over 8,000 infringement proceedings for breaches of the rules stipulated by extraordinary protective measures. These were mainly in relation to the non-wearing of respiratory protective equipment, violations of restaurant opening hours or violations of the ban on gathering.’’ 

The ministry added that ‘‘the total amount of statutory fines exceeds CZK 2.2 million. The aim is not to break records in the fines imposed, but it should be the goal of all to follow the measures that protect us.’’ 

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