Record-Signing of Čechomor’s New Album in Brno This Saturday

Despite the current restrictions, the Czech folk rock band Čechomor will be engaging with fans at an event in Náměstí Svobody this weekend. Photo credit: Michaela Hermina.

Brno, Dec 18 (BD) – Čechomor, a band which plays traditional Czech, Moravian and Slovak folk songs in rock arrangements, will be signing and selling copies of their latest album in Brno tomorrow.

The folk rock band released a new album Radosti života (‘‘Joys of Life’’) in November. Due to the restrictions on live performances, the band has decided to engage with fans through a ‘‘cultural release window” this Saturday. 

The event will be held between 3pm and 4pm at the Last Minute Centrum at Náměstí Svobody 21. Band members František Černý and Karel Holas will be at the window to sell and sign copies of their latest album, ‘‘Joys of Life’’.

More details about the event can be found here.

Photo credit: Michaela Hermina.
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