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Weather Report: Cold Front Forecast To Arrive On Christmas Eve

While fairly warm temperatures are due over the beginning of the week, with occasional rain, a cold front will pass through the Czech Republic on Thursday evening and overnight on Friday, with freezing temperatures expected at the weekend. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Czech Rep., Dec 21 (BD) – According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), the start of this week will see significantly warmer temperatures than usual, with a potential high of 13°C on Wednesday, before the weather turns on Christmas Eve, dropping to below freezing temperatures over the weekend. 

On Monday the weather will be overcast to cloudy with occasional fog. In some areas, drizzle or light rain is expected, possibly followed by freezing temperatures, especially in the west. Maximum daily temperatures are forecast between 2 and 6°C and will be around 0°C in elevated areas over 1000m. 

On Tuesday, cloudy weather is anticipated with occasional fog, drizzle and even frost. Rain will arrive gradually from the west during the day. The night may see more rain with snowfall, or early morning in the north and northeastern parts of the country. Daily highs will be 7 to 12°C, and around 7°C in areas over 1000m. 

Wednesday will bring cloudy skies in the south of the country and drizzle or partly cloudy skies for the rest of the day, with daily highs of between 7 and 11°C and up to 13°C in some places.

Christmas Eve

A cold front is expected on Thursday evening. The weather will be cloudy with occasional showers and possible storms. In the afternoon, precipitation with snow will fall initially in areas over 1000m and then gradually from the northwest in areas above 400m. Highest temperatures during the day will be between 7 and 11°C. During the night, the lowest temperatures will range from 9 to 5°C.

Christmas Day

Weather on Friday will be changeable with mostly heavy clouds and snow showers. Snow will fall in the mountains. Rain or mixed precipitation will fall initially in areas below 400m. On Christmas Day, the highest temperatures range from -1 to +3°C and up to 5°C in the east. The lowest temperatures that night will be between +2 to -2°C.

Weekend Forecast

On Saturday, the forecast is for cloudy to partly cloudy skies with occasional snow showers. The highest temperatures during the day will be between -1 and +3°C. At night, the lowest temperatures will be from 0 to -4°C.

From Sunday to the following Tuesday, the weather will be cloudy to partly cloudy with occasional fog or low clouds. Rain will fall in some places and snow will fall in higher positions. Temperatures on Sunday may be the coldest this week, with temperatures rising gradually over the course of next week.

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