Two New Infrastructure Projects Planned For Česká and Bohunice Campus

New architectural projects are planned to improve two of Brno’s busiest locations, Česká and Campus. A new square will be created on Česká, and the Bohunice Campus complex will be connected to Pisárky by a cable car. Photo Credit: KAM Brno.

Czech Rep., Jan 30 (BD)  – The next couple of years will bring new elements to Brno’s city center and to the Campus area in the form of two new architectural projects. The city center streets of Česká, Solniční, and Veselá will be decorated with granite stones from Vysočina and Jeseníky mountains, and a small square will be created at the junction of these streets, with seating added to turn the place into an attractive meeting point. 

The city’s architectural office highlights the importance of these streets as they connect some of the busiest squares in the city. There is a pressing need to change the grey appearance of Česká, Solniční, and Veselá, according to KAM Brno, although this project will take several years to be completed. “Every day thousands of people pass here, yet these streets connecting important places in the center of Brno have looked the same for decades. There is 40-year-old asphalt, but patches of newer paving, which is different in front of each building,” said David Zajíček, head of the office’s Department of Public Space, speaking to Brněnský deník.

Vizualisation of Česká and Veselá. Source: KAM Brno.

From Bohunice Campus To Pisárky By Cable Car

Another area getting a revamp is the Bohunice Campus area, where, aside from the new tram extension, a cable car is to be built connecting with Pisárky. The new connection will be approximately two kilometers long, and will enable easier connection from the Výstaviště Exhibition Center to the Campus Complex in Bohunice, home of Masaryk University, Brno University Hospital, and Campus Square Mall. Approximately 2,000 people will be able to use the cable car connection every hour. The project could begin in the second half of 2022, while the date of completion is yet unannounced. 

Map: A possible route of the cable car (lanová dráha). Pisárky tram loop is also marked in the plan (vratná smyčka). Source: City of Brno.
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