Brno’s Central Post Office Near The Main Train Station To Close

The Česká pošta branch near Brno’s main train station is to be closed and relocated. The new location is not yet known, but officials are considering the Vaňkovka Shopping Center. The building is of historical value, but in poor condition due to years of neglect. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Brno, Feb 9 (BD)  – Receiving more than 50,000 customers per month before the outbreak of the pandemic, the post office next to Brno’s main train station is known for its iconic building from 1938, currently in poor condition. The Česká pošta ‘train station’ branch is now set to be relocated, according to spokesman Matyáš Vitík, quoted in “We want the branch to stay within walking distance of the station. At the same time, we are working on how to deal with the existing building.” The decision on the future location of the branch will be made in the coming weeks. One of the options being considered is Vaňkovka Shopping Center. 

The current branch next to the main train station hosts many sub-offices of Česká pošta, and the branch will be divided into two smaller branches during the relocation. The future of the building, designed by architect Bohuslav Fuchs, is yet unclear. Česká pošta is the current owner of the building, and selling it is one possible option. Conservationist architects are expected to advise on possible renovations of the current building due to its historical value. 

However, an online poll in 2018 called the building “the most shameful place in Brno” due to modifications made in the 1980s and 1990s. A number of original interior features have been preserved to the present day, including the distinctive Paternoster circulating elevator, which was repaired in 2013 at a cost of CZK 5.5 million. Some architects are still hopeful about saving the building, but the necessary upgrades would be expensive.

Paternoster circulating elevator. Photo credit: KB / BD.
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