State of Emergency in the Czech Republic To End On Sunday

On Thursday, the Czech government’s proposal for an extension to the state of emergency was rejected by the Chamber of Deputies. As of Monday, February 15th, the state of emergency will no longer be in effect. Without it the Czech government can not enforce certain measures, such as restrictions on the freedom of movement. Photo credit: Archive.

Czech Rep., Feb 12 (BD) – The Chamber of Deputies have rejected the Czech government’s proposal to extend the state of emergency for a further 30 days. The state of emergency remains valid until Sunday, February 14th. Out of 106 deputies present at the meeting on Thursday, only 48 deputies from the ANO and CSSD parties voted in favour of the proposal, leaving it six votes short of passing. 

As a result, several anti-epidemic measures which depend on the state of emergency could cease to be in effect on Monday. Such measures include restrictions on freedom of movement, restricted entry into the Czech Republic by foreigners, the deployment of soldiers and firefighters in hospitals or homes for the elderly, and mandatory work duties. 

Without the state of emergency, the government cannot impose a curfew, which is currently in effect between 9pm and 5am. Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček (CSSD) warned that: “It would bring about the loosening of all regulations, the departure of soldiers from homes for the elderly and the departure of aid from hospitals.” 

Government officials warn that a collapse of the country’s healthcare system is possible. Some regional governors have announced that they will declare a state of danger in their respective regions. The opposition maintains that some of the key measures can be enforced outside of a state of emergency.

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