Eurasian Blue Tit at a nesting box feeding its young with caterpillar in a close up side view of the bird perched on the edge.

Brno’s Bird Habitat Under Threat Due To Industrial Expansion

Černovice Terrace, one of the most rapidly developing parts of Brno, has long been home to more than 122 species of birds, which are now in danger of disappearance due to the decision by Brno city authorities to expand the industrial zone. Environmental activists are monitoring the situation in Černovice closely. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Brno, Feb 17 (BD)  – Černovice Terrace, also known as Černovice Industrial Zone, is an area of Brno that is developing rapidly, becoming more urbanized and industrialized due to its amenable location. The area is home to companies involved in manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, transport, computer technology, information technology, electronics, telecommunications and radiocommunications, pharmacy, biotechnology and medical devices. However, the area is also home to 122 species of birds, as established by the South Moravian branch of the Czech Ornithological Society (ČSO), making it a prime ecological location as well. However, the Brno city authorities are planning to permit the construction of more industrial facilities on Černovice Terrace in the new zoning plan. 

Ornithologists consider Černovice Terrace one of the most valuable bird habitats in Brno. They have asked Brno city council to protect the already-endangered bird species and preserve the green areas of the city. “Apart from Hády and Holásecké lakes, this place has the most endangered species of birds nesting. But unlike them, Černovice Terrace is not protected by law. According to the zoning plan, further industrial facilities can be built here, which would be a disaster for the birds,” says Jan Sychra, an ornithologist from the ČSO. More than 35,000 separate requests for modifications to the zoning plan have been submitted to the council so far, but the decision to expand the industrial zone still stands and has not been challenged. The South Moravian branch of ČSO is watching the situation closely. 

“For birds, this site acts as a magnet. We have observed 122 bird species, of which 38 are included on the red list of endangered birds of the Czech Republic,” explained Sychra. “This area has great biological value and is important for nature protection not only in Brno, but across the wider region. Nevertheless, the city management has long ignored the natural value ​​of this area, as evidenced by the proposed changes to the zoning plan, which envisage the expansion of the industrial zone at the expense of greenery.” 

Endangered birds nesting in the area include the Sand Martin, Northern Wheatear, Northern Lapwing, European Stonechat and Red-backed Shrike. Environmentalists also draw attention to the rising temperatures in the area due to the industrial activity, which result in the disappearance of green areas and consequently the creation of unfavourable habitats for birds. Another concern of activists is the adverse effects on human life of the expansion of the industrial area, as there are a growing number of homes in the area.

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