In Photos: Cottage Engulfed in Flames in Brno-Bystrc

On Sunday afternoon, a fire broke out in a cottage in Bystrc. Firefighters responded to the scene and after hours of fighting the flames, they were able to stop the fire from spreading any further. No one was hurt in the incident. An investigation will be carried out to determine the cause of the fire and the amount of damage incurred. Photo Credit: HZS JmK.

Brno, Feb 22 (BD) – In the afternoon of Sunday, February 21st, firefighters extinguished a fire in Brno-Bystrc. After 2pm, units from the Fire and Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region (HZS JMK) were dispatched to a burning cottage in the Kozí horka area.

“Four fire units attended the scene. They were working in inaccessible terrain, but gained control of the fire with the help of several water jets,” said HZS JMK spokesman Jaroslav Mikoška. “The damage is still not quantified. But no one was injured in the fire,” he added.

The firefighters removed a propane tank from the hazardous area. They could not locate the source of the fire because of the large amount of material in the building. The flames spread to the roof of the cottage but by 17:47pm, the firefighters were able to stabilise the situation. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Photo Credit: HZS JmK.

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