COVID-19 Pandemic Coronavirus Woman in city street wearing KN95 FFP2 mask protective for spreading of disease virus SARS-CoV-2. Girl with protective mask on face against Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Respirators Mandatory In Shops and On Public Transport From Thursday

Given the current epidemiological situation, the Czech government has tightened protection measures against coronavirus. From Thursday, a respirator or two surgical masks must be worn in shops, services, airports, and on public transport (including at stops). Fabric masks can be worn in crowded outdoor spaces until the end of February. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustartive Photo.

Czech Rep., Feb 23 (BD) – From midnight on Wednesday, a new anti-epidemic measure will come into effect requiring the wearing of a respirator, a nanotrap or two surgical masks in certain public places, specified by the Ministry of Health on Monday. The measure was originally expected to come into effect from midnight on Monday.

Respirators Must Be Worn:

  • In shops and service establishments 
  • On public transport and at stops 
  • At airports
  • In medical facilities where outpatient care is provided
  • By employees of residential social service facilities
  • In cars if passengers are not members of the same household 
  • In all areas of buildings or outdoors, where distances are less than two metres 

Home-made masks will be permitted until the end of February when moving outside in areas where groups of people are close to each other. Health Minister Jan Blatný (ANO) said that fabric masks will not be considered as sufficient protection and advised people to wear respirators (at least FFP or KN95). He also suggested that two surgical masks could be a solution for those who do not have a respirator. 

Exceptions include:

  • Children younger than 15 years old 
  • Children in kindergarten, children’s home or boarding schools
  • People with intellectual impairment
  • People who have been hospitalized
  • Constitutional officials and court participants
  • Public transport drivers
  • Marrying couples at a wedding ceremony
  • Actors, dancers, lecturers and moderators 
  • People working under hot conditions 

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jana Maláčová (ČSSD) said that masks will be distributed to people in need from food banks. 7.5 million masks will be provided by the State Material Reserves Administration (SSHR). Firefighters will deliver the masks on Tuesday. The Ministry of Labor estimates that 143,000 people from poor households should receive the masks, which include 50 masks per person. 

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