Using Underground Recycling Containers Correctly Helps Keep Brno Beautiful

Brno’s waste management company (SAKO) has now installed 27 underground containers for sorted waste around the city, to keep rubbish out of sight. However, due to incorrect use, the containers often become blocked, and rubbish is left piled around the bin. The council is therefore asking users to condense their trash, to avoid blockages. Photo Credit: SAKO Brno.

Brno, Feb 25 (BD) – SAKO Brno has now installed 27 underground containers for sorted waste around the city. With a volume of 3,000 litres, they are three times larger than the above-ground containers, and designed to keep rubbish out of sight, and the city beautiful. SAKO Brno removes the rubbish according to a weekly schedule, and the containers are so big that it is almost impossible to overfill them. However, large piles of rubbish can frequently be found left around the bin. According to the council, this is not because they are full, but because the shaft has become blocked due to incorrect use. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MMB (Cropped).

The containers consist of two parts: an above-ground disposal chute and an underground collecting bin. The chute is narrower for hygiene and safety reasons, which is why waste often gets stuck. For this reason, it is necessary to prepare your trash in advance: tear up the boxes and paper into smaller pieces, flatten the plastic bottles, and throw them in individually. It is also important not to stuff full bags of sorted waste into the disposal chute – this will almost certainly cause a blockage. The vast majority of containers that seem full are actually just blocked. Sometimes all you have to do is push the rubbish through and you can continue recycling.

Thanks to these underground containers, Brno can be a cleaner city with tidier public spaces. We just have to use them how they were designed. So please remember to follow the simple rule: condense, don’t block.

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