18th Century Mural At Veveří Castle Brought Back to Life

A rococo mural dating back to the 18th century is currently being restored at Veveří Castle. The bucolic tempera works will be ready for visits in early June 2021, expanding the permanent exhibition of one of the oldest castles in South Moravia. Photo Credit: National Monuments Institute.

Brno, Feb 27 (BD) – A unique decorative rococo painting will be brought back to life in Room 211 of Veveří Castle, one of the oldest castles in South Moravia and in the entire Czech Republic. Towering over the Svratka River and dating back to the mid-11th century, when its foundation was laid under the orders of Conrad I of Brno, Veveří Castle is one of the most renowned cultural attractions in the Brno area.

Extensive renovations are currently being carried out, and every year new areas of the castle complex open to the public. The rococo mural that covers the walls of Room 211 will be one of those new additions, ready to receive inquiring eyes shortly. The painting has been visible since 1978, when a partial exposure of the plaster layers revealed its presence. However, due to a lack of proper preservation its degradation has accelerated since then.

In 2007, David Zeman conducted a survey in Room 211, identifying an all-over decorative Rococo mural with bucolic themes, which probably dates back to the end of the 18th century. Not to be confused with a fresco, the mural is an example of the tempera technique. 

In 2019, Lucie Bartůňková expanded the survey and analyzed the possibility of restoration. Bringing the mural back to life will require the removal of the top coats of the painting – a laborious and demanding job.

In August 2020, the restoration works started, led by the restoration company Theodorik. The work should be completed in early June 2021, just in time to receive the summer visitors to Veveří Castle.

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Photos: Restoration of Murals at Veveří Castle. Credit: National Monuments Institute.

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