The latest edition of KAM v Brně/WHERE in Brno is out now!

WHERE in Brno in March? The latest edition of the cultural magazine KAM v Brně (WHERE in Brno), with its dedicated English section at the back, will give you tips on what to do from the comfort of your home and outside. Image: Courtesy of KAM v Brně/yvans.

Brno, March 3 (BD) – If you’re bored and looking for something to read, we recommend checking out the new edition of WHERE. A dedicated English section at the back of the magazine is waiting for you every month – as well as What I’m Drinking column by amazing Arielle DeSoucey who makes sure you know which wines to taste.

In WHERE you will also find a big article called “To be, or not to be…” about living in Brno. An interview with DJ Opia could be a very nice practise in case you are learning Czech and you are interested in rap music – Opias new record is coming! It should be out in May, don´t miss it!

Where to find WHERE? All the regular ways of distribution are not quite possible now, so we recommend to subscribe. Do you want to support the creators of the magazine? You can have KAM v Brne/WHERE in Brno delivered straight to your mailbox every month. Get a subscription at or by sending an email to

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